Cartoonish figures including a bird, rocket, turtle, and smaller creatures in front of the text "IMAGINAXION Festival Cultural Infantil."

Imaginaxión Festival: A Magical Cultural Experience in Playa del Carmen

The Imaginaxión Festival, a captivating cultural event, is set to take place from June 21st to 23rd in Playa del Carmen. This festival, organized by Mayakoba City, is a free event that forms part of Mayakoba University's annual activities. The event aims to promote cultural and community development by offering a diverse program suitable for the entire family.

Eric Antolín, Marketing Director of Mayakoba City, emphasized that the festival seeks to connect the community with cultural and recreational events. This encourages interaction and social development. "The festival is a blend of imagination and action, designed to inspire both children and adults through educational and entertaining activities," he said.

Pamela Garduño, the festival's curator, outlined some of the activities included in the Imaginaxión program. These include illustration workshops with artists like Tania Recio and family reading workshops led by María Torre. The festival will also feature a sensorama, which will enable children to learn through their senses.

The UNAM Universum Science Museum will participate in the festival, presenting a traveling planetarium. The Cultural Center of Spain will also offer "booktubers" workshops, teaching children how to tell stories on digital platforms. Please note that registration is required for this workshop, which can be done via this form:

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In addition, a book fair will be held with several publishing houses in attendance. There will also be astronomical observation activities using telescopes, allowing participants to admire the sun and the sky, thus encouraging interest in science and nature.

Mayakoba City is committed to sustainability and environmental care, and this will be reflected in conservation-focused workshops at the festival. "We want children to understand their role in protecting the planet and how their actions can make a difference," said Garduño. She also mentioned that on Friday, June 21st, there will be talks aimed at parents, focusing on the importance of science in early childhood development.