“Breaking: Human Trafficking Ring Leader Caught in Solidaridad Raids”

In an official statement, the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) revealed that a series of raids in five bars across the municipality of Solidaridad led to the rescue of 25 women. These women were potentially victims of labor and sexual exploitation. A man, believed to be the head of this trafficking network, was also arrested.

The raids were carried out by the Investigation Police, the National Guard, and the International Organization O. U. R. Rescue. During these operations, a man named Enrique Abelardo "N" was apprehended. He is suspected of running the establishments involved in the trafficking.

Abelardo "N" was arrested when he tried to escape upon noticing the authorities' presence. It's important to note that following the rescue of 17 Argentine women from a bar in Solidaridad on May 17th, Abelardo “N” was identified as the leader of the trafficking operation, which focused on both sexual and labor exploitation.

In two separate operations in the downtown area, seven women were rescued from one location, while 12 women were saved from a venue on the Cancún-Tulum federal highway in the Ejidal neighborhood. Additionally, three women were rescued from an establishment in the same neighborhood, and three more from a nearby location.

Out of the 25 women rescued, the State Attorney General's Office verified that 20 are Mexican, four are Venezuelan, and one is Cuban. After their rescue, all the women received medical attention and provided statements to the Public Prosecutor's Office.