Wooden structure on a beach showing signs of damage and erosion with exposed support beams and sandbags underneath.

Beach Erosion Crisis: Mamitas Beach Ravaged by High Tide

Mamitas and Fundadores beaches in Playa del Carmen have been severely impacted by beach erosion due to high tides. These popular beaches, located in the heart of Playa del Carmen, have suffered the most damage, with the high tide resulting in the collapse of numerous palm trees.

Lourdes Várguez Ocampo, head of the Ministry of Environment, noted that this natural phenomenon has been observed across the entire Quintana Roo coastline. However, it was particularly devastating in Tulum and Solidaridad, where it resulted in significant beach erosion. Several palm trees in the Federal Zone fell, and infrastructure was damaged, particularly at Xcalacoco, a certified beach.

The strong winds and waves further exacerbated the damage. Ocampo mentioned that two palapas, used by tourists and bathers for shelter, collapsed. This was due to the high tide removing the sediment and sand, causing the structures to fail.

Ocampo noted that such a high tide is unusual. While high tides have occurred before, they have not been to this extent. For instance, a month ago at Punta Esmeralda, the water level rose above the cenote and went further inland.

The head of the Ministry of Environment confirmed that this high tide event impacted the entire coastline of the state.