Firefighters battling a wildfire among scattered debris with thick smoke in the background

Heatwave in Cancún Sparks Alarming Surge in Green Area Fires

Unusual heat and drought conditions in Cancún have resulted in a dramatic rise in fires, particularly in green spaces and areas with dense vegetation. Aquileo Cervantes Álvarez, the General Director of the Benito Juárez Fire Department, stated that they are currently responding to between 8 and 10 fires daily. This number far exceeds the figures reported in the first quarter of this year.

In the past month alone, between 248 and 310 vegetation fires were reported, marking an increase of 83% to 127% compared to the same period last year. The most affected areas include the irregular colonies in Mexico, Valle Verde, Avante, and those near Isla Mujeres. The fire chief cautioned that the intense heat and reflective objects on the ground can easily ignite fires. Furthermore, the oxygen present in green areas can cause even small fires to quickly spiral out of control, spreading in multiple directions and potentially reaching homes.

Local authorities are urging residents to refrain from any form of burning throughout the year. They are also advising against leaving items in vegetated areas that could accumulate or amplify the heat.

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