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New in Cancún: La Madalena by Grupo Alme Unveiled

Grupo Alme has recently launched its fifth establishment, "La Madalena," in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean. This restaurant offers contemporary Mexican cuisine, steeped in tradition and familial warmth, with a menu inspired by the recipes of grandmother Madalena.

Grupo Alme is a family-owned business, with each member playing a crucial role in their culinary establishments. The architectural design of the restaurant was undertaken by the family patriarch, Juan Altamirano, while the desserts are the creations of Hortencia, the family matriarch. Each of their restaurants embodies Mexican roots, with exceptional service and a commitment to creating unique culinary and entertainment experiences.

Upon entering La Madalena, guests are greeted with a corridor offering views of the Nichupté Lagoon on one side and an open space featuring a large wooden whale on the other. Nestled between nature, luxury, and comfort on Boulevard Kukulcán km 14.4, the restaurant offers a variety of celebrations for its guests, who can enjoy a selection of dishes from grandmother Madalena's menu, prepared by Chef Juan, a native of Tepic, Nayarit.

The restaurant is named in honor of the family's grandmother, Madalena, whose original recipes form the backbone of the menu. The dishes, ranging from charcoal-grilled steaks to fresh seafood, are prepared in an open kitchen using the finest national and imported products from Japan, Alaska, and Chile. This innovative approach to traditional cuisine, combined with a selection of salads, pastas, and sublime desserts designed for sharing, elevates La Madalena's offerings from home cooking to gourmet dining.

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The welcoming atmosphere of La Madalena mirrors the warmth and hospitality of Mexico itself. The restaurant's ambiance is as unique as its menu, designed to make guests feel comfortable and welcome. With its extensive bookshelves, encyclopedias adorning the walls, exquisite interior design, and impeccable service, quality time with friends and family is guaranteed.

La Madalena's mixology is characterized by its tableside service, where guests can watch their drinks being prepared while enjoying live music. More than just a restaurant, La Madalena is a space to experience the best of Mexican cuisine and create lasting memories through conversation and shared experiences.

The official opening of La Madalena is on June 7th. Reservations can be made by calling (99) 8501…