two girls raped in puerto aventuras home

Girls Raped in a Puerto Aventuras Home

The two girls were alone in the home when the assailant struck. It is unknown whether the children knew their attacker.

PUERTO AVENTURAS – Two minor girls were raped inside a home located in the Puerto Maya subdivision of Puerto Aventuras on the street Cerrado Pez Aguja. The attack happened last evening at just after midnight. The girls were alone in the house at the time.

two girls raped in puerto aventuras home

A report was received by 911 operators who immediately alerted the municipal police. The “Purple Patrol” was dispatched along with three representatives from DIF Solidaridad.

One of the girls was able to run to a neighbor for help. The neighbor then placed the call to 911. Authorities arrived on the scene at approximately 12:45am.

Reports indicate that the girls were alone in the home when they were surprised by the attacker. It is undetermined at this time if the girls knew the subject.

After police officers conducted an unsuccessful search for the suspect, the girls were transported to Public Security offices for assessment. They were interviewed to determine the extent of the violation and given support and advise. Authorities also notified the families of the two victims.

It is unknown why the girls were left alone in the house late at night.

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