Five people smiling in front of promotional banners for "The Dolphin Company" and "Quintana Roo Lovers" at an indoor event

Potato in Your Neighborhood: Changing Lives with Food Aid

Quintana Roo Lovers, an association led by Iliana Ruiz, is making a difference in underprivileged neighborhoods. Their initiative, the "Valuable Neighbors" program, is designed to support communities across the state with various needs.

A key component of this program is the "The Potato in Your Neighborhood" initiative. This strategy delivers weekly food supplies to neighborhoods in need. During these food distribution events, community members also discuss potential solutions to improve their living conditions.

Topics of discussion often include the refurbishment of parks and streets, sewer cleaning, and other forms of social assistance. Since the launch of "The Potato in Your Neighborhood" in March, the program has aided 754 individuals from 173 families in the Cristo Rey neighborhood of the Solidaridad municipality.

The program has also reached several regions in Benito Juarez, as well as specific communities in Isla Mujeres and Puerto Morelos. Ruiz has stated that the association plans to revisit these areas and expand their efforts to new locations.

The selection of beneficiary neighborhoods is based on suggestions from community members and an analysis of areas most in need. Ruiz emphasizes that understanding the vulnerabilities of these areas is crucial to determining where their attention is most needed.

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