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Legal Battle Ensues Over Explosive Use in Playa del Carmen Mines

Calizas Industriales del Carmen (Calica), a mining company, has lost an appeal to the Federal Tribunal of Administrative Justice (TFJA) in Mexico. The company was seeking permission to resume the use of explosives in its mines located in Quintana Roo.

According to court documents, Calica appealed to the Caribbean and Auxiliary Chamber of the TFJA, based in Cancun. The appeal was against the General Directorate of the Federal Register of Firearms and Control of Explosives of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena). This was due to Sedena's withdrawal of permits allowing Calica to use explosives in its operations.

Calica requested a suspension of the federal government's measure. However, in August 2023, the court decided not to grant this precautionary measure while the trial continues. Calica made another appeal, but on June 17, the Caribbean Chamber denied the claim.

This decision means that Calica cannot use explosives on its properties in Playa del Carmen, at least until the trial concludes in the Superior Chamber of the TFJA. The court's resolution stated that Calica's appeal was insufficient, and the original judgment from August 2023 was confirmed.

Environmentalists have claimed that the explosives were used for several years to blast the quarry and extract stone material, which was then shipped to the United States.

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This case is one of many lawsuits that Calica is currently involved in with various federal authorities. This particular case is notable as it was not initiated through the usual legal route, but in an administrative court due to its unique characteristics.

Currently, there is a standoff between Mexico and the United States over the mines. The Mexican government, led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, plans to declare the area a protected natural reserve. Meanwhile, the US government has expressed concerns about the potential impact on investment certainty in Mexico.