A group of enthusiastic people at a political rally wearing red and white, with rally props, cheering for a speaker standing on a raised surface.

Estefanía Mercado Vows Land Rights Revolution in Solidaridad

Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo.- Estefanía Mercado, the municipal presidential candidate for Solidaridad from the "Let's Keep Making History in Quintana Roo" Coalition, has pledged to launch a Human Settlements Regularization program in the next municipal government. This initiative aims to secure the property rights of thousands of families living in precarious conditions.

Mercado explained that irregular settlements often lack basic services such as drinking water, electricity, drainage, roads, sidewalks, curbs, public lighting, and parks due to their unofficial status. To address this, she plans to coordinate efforts across all levels of government to launch a regularization program that guarantees these families' property rights.

Mercado has also committed to resolving the public lighting issue affecting around 600 blocks, paving over 200 cobblestone blocks, constructing curbs on more than 380 blocks, and improving rainwater drainage on approximately 230 blocks. She assured that these social infrastructure projects would be included in the Municipal Development Plan, with a record investment of 900 million pesos in her first year as municipal president.

During her visits to the Mundo Hábitat and Villamar I subdivisions, Mercado was joined by María José Osorio, the district 10 local deputy candidate, along with members of her campaign team, Morena leaders, and representatives from the Labor Party and Green Party.