A large accumulation of brown seaweed washed up on a sandy beach beside the ocean.

“Progreso Coast Crisis: Disease Outbreaks From Trash and Sargassum Neglect”

Residents of 58th Street and Playon in Progreso have taken to social media to voice their concerns about the accumulation of Sargassum and trash in their coastal area. Over the past three months, they claim that the municipality has failed to collect the Sargassum, leading to its decomposition and the creation of a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes.

According to the residents, the municipality's beach-cleaning tractor simply moves the Sargassum to one side, but no dump trucks have been dispatched to remove it for over three months. This has resulted in the buildup of hundreds of kilos of Sargassum and trash, causing unpleasant odors and a surge in diseases related to mosquitoes.

The residents also point out that the situation is contributing to pollution. During high tide, the sea sweeps the Sargassum and trash back onto the beach. The decomposing Sargassum not only creates a foul smell but also attracts mosquitoes, further exacerbating the problem.

The community is urging the Municipality of Progreso to take action and address the growing issue of Sargassum and trash accumulation. They argue that the pollution, odors, and mosquito problem are not only unbearable for residents but also present a negative image to tourists.

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