Passengers disembarking from an airplane with another aircraft in the background on a sunny day at the airport

“Cozumel Air Traffic Decline Sparks Economic Concerns”

Cozumel has experienced a minor drop in air traffic. The city is set to welcome 82 flights from various cities in the United States and Mexico from June 17 to 23. These flights, carrying an estimated 5,200 passengers, are expected to generate an economic boost of over 63 million pesos.

The busiest day for air traffic continues to be Saturday, with 15 scheduled arrivals. This is followed by 12 arrivals each on Thursday and Sunday, and 11 each on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Wednesday sees the least traffic with 10 arrivals.

Houston tops the list for air connectivity, with 14 flights scheduled. This is closely followed by Mexico with 13 flights, and Dallas with eight. Other cities with scheduled flights include Miami with seven, Monterrey with two, and Charlotte and Denver each with one.

Additionally, there is an air bridge operation with Cancun, featuring five daily flights. This adds up to a total of 35 flights throughout the week, each with a capacity for 12 passengers.

The projected economic revenue from these flights is 63,280,800 pesos. This estimate is based on an average of 110 passengers per flight, each staying an average of 4.5 days and spending 160 dollars per day. This figure does not include the additional revenue generated by the 35 air bridge operations with Cancun.