Aerial view of a luxurious beachside resort with white buildings and pools adjacent to a turquoise sea and sandy beach, with a cityscape in the background.

“Exclusive: Cancún Tourist Areas Spared from Election ‘Dry Law'”

The Quintana Roo government has announced that the upcoming election's 'Dry Law' will not affect restaurants in tourist areas. The Dry Law, which prohibits the sale of alcohol during the election period, will be in effect from Saturday, June 1st to Monday, June 3rd. However, this ban does not apply to businesses in tourist areas that hold alcohol licenses for restaurants and bars.

The Dry Law will come into effect on Saturday at 9 am, when businesses such as beer stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets typically open. Any establishments found violating this rule will be shut down by the authorities and could face financial penalties.

While this decision has been welcomed by hotels and restaurants in the tourist areas, it has caused concern among those working in bars and restaurants in the city center. For them, the Dry Law represents a significant financial loss, particularly for waitstaff who could lose up to 25% of their usual tips.

One waiter working in downtown Cancún expressed his frustration, saying, "We always lose tips around these dates. The good thing is that it isn't every year. But it's unfair that people can drink in the hotel zone but not in the city center. It's riskier for them to drive from there, leading to an increase in car accidents. I don't see the point."