A group of diverse people, including adults and children, participate in a community clean-up, posing with collected trash bags and a green flag with a tree emblem.

“Join the Movement: Beach Clean-Up at San Miguelito, Cancun”

In honor of World Oceans Day, local authorities in Benito Juarez, led by the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone Directorate (Zofemat), organized a beach clean-up at San Miguelito. This initiative is part of a broader effort to protect our oceans and marine life.

Before the clean-up began, the Acting Head of the Municipal Presidency, Pablo Gutiérrez Fernández, shared that the municipality runs various environmental programs. "In 2024 alone, we've conducted 25 clean-up efforts with over 300 volunteers, removing 194,282 kilograms of solid waste from our beaches. We encourage everyone to help us spread the word and raise awareness," he said.

The clean-up activity is designed to educate the public about the importance of preserving our beaches and improving the overall health of the planet. It highlights the need to avoid littering with items such as plastic wrappers, cigarette butts, and glass, which can cause significant damage to the ecosystem.

Fifty students from the King David School participated in the clean-up, led by the school's director, Lorena Galindo Torres. Torres explained that the school has a long history of promoting ecology and instills a culture of environmental stewardship in its students from a young age.

Justo Román Miranda Rocha, the director of Zofemat, expressed gratitude for the support from the student community and parents, as well as the municipal staff. Their collective efforts contribute to keeping the beaches free from garbage on an ongoing basis.