A pickup truck and volunteers clearing fallen tree branches on a residential street after a storm

Shocking Murder and Arson in Cancún: Deadly Attack Unfolds!

In the early hours of the morning, armed assailants stormed a property in the Pimienta community of Cancún. The property, which houses three separate buildings, was the scene of a brutal attack that left one man dead and another injured.

The assailants targeted two men in one of the houses, threatening them before shooting one in the back of the head, resulting in his death. The other man was injured during the attack. The attackers then made off with 15,000 pesos that were hidden on the property and attempted to set the house on fire.

A group of women present on the property managed to avoid the attackers by locking themselves in another house. Unable to gain access, the assailants eventually withdrew from the property.

Local police arrived on the scene to investigate but were unable to locate the perpetrators. The house targeted by the arson attempt suffered some damage, but the fire did not spread to the other buildings.

The deceased victim's body was found inside the house, while the injured man was initially taken to a local healer. Paramedics later arrived from the municipal headquarters and transported him to the José María Morelos hospital.

Investigators from the State Attorney General's Office were eventually dispatched to the scene to collect evidence. As of yet, there have been no reported arrests in connection with the attack.