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Exciting Rates Update at Tulum Airport

Tourist transport providers are hopeful that an agreement on rates at Tulum airport will soon be reached. The Mexican Association of Incoming Travel Agencies (Amatur) is optimistic about achieving positive results on the issue of access rates at the "Felipe Carrillo Puerto" Tulum International Airport.

Sergio González Rubiera, president of the association, recently discussed the matter with the head of the airport's commercial area. He expressed concern that there is currently no agreement on the rates charged to tourist transport providers for ground passenger mobility. He described the current rates as "inaccessible" and "very expensive", and out of line with the market.

The airport's commercial head revealed that a concrete proposal is already in place, which Rubiera is aware of through the Secretary of Tourism, Bernardo Cueto. However, she was unable to share the details with him. This proposal is expected to significantly improve the rate for the benefit of tourist transport operators, pending approval by the Airport's Board of Directors. A session to discuss the matter is scheduled between June 16 and 20.

Rubiera is hopeful that these rates will be approved at the upcoming board session. If approved, competitive rates in Tulum could be established by the summer. He emphasized that the goal is to avoid financial loss while providing a service.

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He suggested that the new rate would be similar to, or better than, the one at Cancún International Airport. This would be a positive development, as it would enhance competitiveness. Currently, the companies that provide service in Tulum absorb the costs, which results in a loss.

Rubiera noted that the current rate at the Cancún Airport is 29 or 30 pesos per unit, compared to 800 pesos at Tulum. Therefore, they are anticipating favorable results this month. Read More