A small Aerus branded airplane parked on a tarmac at a small airfield with service vehicles in the background under a clear sky.

New Air Route Launch: Cancún to Cozumel by Aerus

Aerus, a Mexican regional airline, has launched a new flight route connecting the popular tourist destinations of Cancún and Cozumel in the State of Quintana Roo. This new service offers an efficient and convenient air travel option for both residents and visitors of the region.

The airline will operate five flights per week, providing a reliable and efficient alternative for regional connectivity. The new route is set to boost tourism and economic activity in the region, leveraging Cancún's existing national and international flight connections.

Aerus' new service allows passengers to make the most of their time, whether they're traveling for leisure, tourism, or business. The airline will operate the route using new Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft, which have a capacity of 12 seats. These aircraft are equipped with the latest technology and offer a comfortable, safe, and efficient travel experience.

Aerus is at the forefront of redefining regional air transportation in Mexico. The airline currently serves the northeast and southeast regions of the country and is now expanding its services to the Mexican Caribbean.

With over 4,800 commercial flights completed to date, Aerus is renowned for its punctuality, quality of service, and for operating the youngest fleet of aircraft in Mexico. By 2030, the airline aims to cover 100% of Mexico's domestic territory and offer a range of international flights.