Travelers at an airport terminal with suitcases, checking flight information and walking around.

“Colombians’ Cancun Hurricane Struggle: 25 Return Home”

A group of 25 Colombians have returned home after enduring three days of uncertainty in Cancún due to the cancellation of their flight. The flight, originally scheduled for 3:00 p.m. last Thursday, was cancelled due to Hurricane Beryl.

One of the affected passengers, Óscar Giraldo, shared that the airline had notified them of the cancellation a few hours beforehand. This gave them enough time to find alternative accommodation via digital platforms until a new flight date was provided. However, this unexpected delay posed significant challenges for the group, many of whom had important commitments such as final exams and jobs waiting for them back home.

Financially, the extended stay was a burden. Although they received support from family and friends, many in the group had to incur debts that they are now obligated to repay. The airline, citing its policies, disclaimed responsibility for the passengers' accommodation and transfer expenses, stating that it does not cover these costs in the event of weather-related disruptions. This experience served as a harsh lesson for the group, who claimed they were not informed by their travel agency about the hurricane season.

Some members of the group spent the first night in the Cancún International Airport. They described it as a difficult experience due to the lack of food and water. Moreover, they were kept on high alert due to fears of the potential damage the hurricane could cause. With most airlines also cancelling flights, they opted to stay in a hostel in the city center.

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Despite the ordeal, the group expressed relief at finally returning home. They were also thankful that the hurricane was not as severe as anticipated, as they had feared for their physical safety.